Reinventing Oneself…

These days….It seems to be all about reinvention in one way or another.  For some…it’s a change of scenery or location.  For others, it’s about a brand new start.

Style is as important these days as ever….personal style, social style, online style, and fashionable style.

As much as we are online these days….it is inevitable that we go back to the one on one relationships of business.  People will need to reconnect face to face to actually get things accomplished….to make things work.

Personal etiquette will always be something that is valued….coupled with a neat outward appearance..you’ll find yourself in a pleasing spot.

Outward appearance runs the gamut of styles these days…

There are still bankers and lawyers who wear their suits and starched shirts.

But just as much these days are muscicians, artists, entrepreneurs and small business owners.  While these individuals have the freedom to dress more casually…this still needs careful thought.

A grungy tee and your favorite jeans just won’t cut it for most important situations.  “Style” is where it’s at….it’s the upper edge in the game of life.

A couple of strategic key pieces added to your wardrobe will make all the difference in pulling together a look that makes you feel confident, smart and yes…sexy.

So…what do you say casual peeps…game on!…