New Arrival: Dual Purpose Candles

Light a Candle…

There aren’t many things I enjoy more than a beautiful candle that is beautifully scented….not overpowering…not cheaply deodorized.

There’s just something very soothing about lighting that simple invention….

Soo excited to bring these beautiful exotic screenprinted glass candles to GJ….They are reusable and recyclable….

After you’ve enjoyed the wonderful scents contained in the glass….turn this colorful printed glass into a glass for your kitchen cabinets or use it to house other useful things.

I’m ready to collect them all!

Skeen Soy Candle

Go Green with this Reusable Glass Candle


Reusable glass candle by Skeen

Blood Orange Scented Candle in Reusable Glass


Smaller glasses are available also….

Skeen Candle

Tea Leaf Skeen Candle in Reusable jar


Ok….now one for the kitchen….one for the guest bath….one for the hallway….:)