Faux leather for the oh fashionable….

Face it….most of us don’t have the budgets to dress in the latest designer fashions….but we can be on trend and in style by looking in the right places and spending our fashion dollars wisely.

A Great pair of jeans are an investment.

Trendier pieces are just the icing on the cake.

I love fun fashion….and think that is one of the ways that we can destress from these crazy lives we are leading everyday.

I’m especially in love with these new faux leather jackets that just arrived….

Motorcycle Style Jacket

Perfect example of putting the “zing” to your wardrobe.  You can’t go wrong with any of these….

or maybe even a couple….I mean you need different colors…right?



Add Great Denim for funky casual style or go

with a dress like this to go out on the town.

If these jackets could speak….I think they would say…”I’m in control”…:)