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Skull and Rose Rings – Evil and Good?

Skull and Rose Ring

The skull and rose are often seen together as one image.  Most representations are of life and death, evil and good. I feel that there is a great many ways to interpret or relate to this “attraction of opposites” pairing. One is hard…the other soft. One is mysterious….the other fragrant and lovely One is  misunderstood…the […]

Accessorize with Delicate Arrow Jewelry


“Follow Your Arrow” seems to be THE quote for 2013- 2014.  Now more than ever seems the right moment to “be yourself” and “follow your dream”, be an entrepreneur and follow your own path. Whether your age currently has you in the  ”questioning go getter” 20 somethings” or “been there, done that” 50 plus pool, […]

Shop the Gypsy Jule Mobile Shop at Brewgaloo


Get ready to shop the Gypsy Jule Mobile Shop at Brewgaloo on Saturday, April 26. We’ll have “Jezebelle”, our Shop on Wheels, decked out with our newest selection of  apparel and accessories. Our Bohemian with a kick of Western Gypsy style is like no other in the Raleigh area. Just look for our little “Misfit […]

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